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  • Retailers are facing challenging security issues that can often lead to customer dissatisfaction and high stock loss.
  • Every store wants to create a secure and safe environment for their customers to have a pleasant shopping experience in which Behemothfm’s Security Services can assist you with.
  • Our trained male and female uniformed guards will help deter theft, vandalism, shop lifting and internal-theft and will apprehend criminals by using the S.C.O.N.E. procedure.
  • We will work in partnership with you to improve loss revenue, and build a team around your security requirement.
  • Our retail security guards and plain clothes store detectives can be used to conduct surveillance on specific customers, employees or locations.
  • The guards and detectives will reports all activities that occur in order to help identify criminal activity or customer service issues.
  • The detectives can act like employees or customers and identify criminal activity and monitor CCTV cameras.
  • They investigate incidents of potential cash and stock loss, and prepare detailed case files for the police or for future use.
  • We can also utilise our Guard Patrol Monitoring System to ensure the guards are monitoring the highlighted potential risk areas in your store.
  • Our guards are trained to provide customer service in stores, create Civil Recovery statements and attend Civil law court.
  • They are fully trained on arrest procedures and working to recover losses that the retailer has sustained due to criminal activities.