Just How long information remains on your credit history

//Just How long information remains on your credit history

Just How long information remains on your credit history

Just How long information remains on your credit history

A credit bureau is only able to keep information on belated re payments on your own credit file for a specific time frame.

The time that is exact by:

  • The sort of information
  • The territory or province you reside
  • The credit bureau that developed the report

Good information

A credit bureau may keep good information, like payments made on time, in your credit file for extended. Good information shall assist your credit rating.

Negative information

Generally speaking, negative information stays on the credit file for 6 years. Nevertheless, particular information may remain for a lengthier or shorter time frame. Negative information can harm your credit rating.

Negative information range from:

  • Missed re re payments for a financial obligation
  • Bounced cheques
  • Records that have been delivered to collections

A judgment is a debt your debt through the courts because of a lawsuit. As an example, then the debt may show up on your credit report if somebody sues you and you lose.

Usually this information remains on the credit file for 6 years.

But, TransUnion keeps these records on apply for 7 years into the following provinces:

  • Brand Brand New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Ontario
  • Quebec

TransUnion keeps this given info on apply for ten years in Prince Edward Island.

Customer proposals

A customer proposition is just an appropriate agreement put up by way of a licensed insolvency trustee. The trustee produces a proposition for the creditors where they consent to enable you to spend down a portion of the debt.

Equifax eliminates a customer proposition from your own credit file three years after you have reduced all the debts contained in the proposition.

TransUnion eliminates a consumer proposition from your own credit file either:

  • Three years after you have paid down most of the debts contained in the proposition, or
  • 6 years after you sign the proposition (whichever is sooner)


Generally speaking, both Equifax and TransUnion eliminate a bankruptcy from your own credit history 6 years following the date you are discharged.

TransUnion eliminates a bankruptcy from your own credit history 7 years when you’re released within the following provinces:

  • Brand New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec

In the event that you declare bankruptcy over and over again, then your bankruptcies will show up on your own credit history for 14 years.

Extra information

Contact certainly one of Canada’s credit reporting agencies for more information on how long information remains on your credit file.

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